CLP Senior - Texas A&M Grad Class of 2017 - Adam R.


Although I live in College Station, I am in fact not an Aggie. I'm one of those rare ones lol! I graduated college from Texas State University in San Marcos but before that I did spend some time at Blinn in Brenham (which I absolutely loved & where my love story begins with my husband).  His family lives in the area and after living in San Antonio for a couple years after college, we decided to move to College Station (with God's hand guiding us of course).

My first Aggie game! 2007

My first Aggie game! 2007

Mason & I at my first TAMU game 9.30.2007

Mason & I at my first TAMU game 9.30.2007

So after living in Aggieland for over 3 years - I've never spent much time on the Texas A&M Campus. I've been to Reed Arena a handful of times several years ago. I've only been to one Aggie football game, before the stadium was renovated. So when Adam wanted to book his session and take his photos at the academic plaza, I was super excited! And I had no idea where to park or where to go. I drive by the university everyday to work & when I run errands but obviously I don't know the campus. SO, this was a great opportunity for me to get to know this campus up close and personal. Thanks to google for getting me to the correct parking garage LOL!

I am graduating with a major in mechanical engineering. I love to dance at Harry’s. I hope to stick around college station with an engineering job, I love it here so much.
— Adam Ramirez, Aggie Class of 2017 #CLP Senior


It's been 7 years since I graduated college (wowza, time really does fly!) so being on campus surrounded by students & buildings felt nostalgic and familiar. I smiled the whole time we walked around. Probably looked like a dorky tourist - whatevs I was taking it all in! It was a fun memory & I can't wait to shoot on campus again. 


The hustle of making it to class on time & those late nights studying in the library started rushing back to me. Oh, how I miss those days sometimes! But then again, it's nice not having to study or take a test every week :) I will never forget this session since it was my first on campus. I felt like an honorary Aggie!

Texas A&M campus is so pretty! I love the trees. Adam comes from a whole family of Aggies. I can only imagine how neat it must be to attend the same university as your parents did.  Sit in the same classrooms & walk around the same places. Family History 101.

We made our way across campus and ended up at the Dixie Chicken on Northgate. We took a few photos at the one & only Bottle Cap Alley - because it's Aggieland... I still need to eat at the Dixie. Next time the hubby & I want some chicken I am gonna have to go here. It's an Aggieland tradition that I have to try!

Congrats, Adam! Thank you so much for having me take your grad portraits! You looked great & had a smile the whole time. I wish you all the best in your next chapter in life! and Gig Em'!